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What is the Recovery Version?

The Recovery Version New Testament is a new translation of the ancient Greek text, executed according to the principles set by the major English versions of the last four centuries. The translation, for the most part based on the 26th edition of the Nestle-Aland Greek text, is a literal yet readable rendition of the original language of the New Testament. Accompanying the text are extensive footnotes written by Witness Lee. Unlike typical study notes that focus on the historical, geographical, and biographical background of the Bible, the footnotes in the Recovery Version New Testament stress the spiritual content of God’s Word, opening up the revelation of the divine truth and pointing to the supply of life in the Scriptures.

At the beginning of each book there is an outline that provides an in-depth abstract of the book. These outlines emphasize the spiritual meaning of the New Testament books and provide a new, fresh, and living view of every book.

Throughout the text of the Recovery Version are cross references to other portions of the Bible that are similar not only in expression but also in the divine truth. These provide the reader a thorough examination of every major aspect of the truth and of every important experience of the proper Christian and church life.

Throughout the centuries the Lord has recovered many truths concerning His economy among men. Since Martin Luther’s time particularly, this recovery has been steady and progressive. From justification by faith, recovered in Luther’s day, to the truth and experience of the church as the Body of Christ, seen and enjoyed by many Christians today, this recovery has been the “golden thread” that binds the church across time. These recovered truths are the heritage of every believer and should be held and enjoyed by every believer today.

The Recovery Version New Testament brings together in one volume all these great matters of the Lord’s recovery of the truth and experience of the Christian life. No genuine seeker and lover of the Lord should be without this compendium of His recovery of the truth.

For more reading on this subject, please see “A Brief Explanation” in the New Testament Recovery Version.

From Issue No. 5, September 1998

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