Life-study of Ezra, Nehemiah & Esther

Life-study of the Bible with Witness Lee is a 30-minute radio broadcast composed of excerpts from Witness Lee's spoken ministry that focuses on the enjoyment of the divine life as revealed in the Scriptures. The ministry portions are followed by a discussion of the portion presented, including questions and answers.


Ezra (4)
Subject: The Return of the Children of Israel from Their Captivity and the Rebuilding of the House of God as the Initiation of God's Recovery among His Elect for His Testimony on the Earth according to His Economy

Nehemiah (5)
Subject: The Rebuilding of the Wall of the City of Jerusalem as a Continual Recovery among God’s Elect for His Testimony for the Accomplishment of His Economy

Esther (2)
Subject: The Very God Who Chose Israel as His Elect Becoming a Hidden God to Them to Take Care of Them Secretly and to Save Them Openly While Acting in Secrecy during Their Captivity among the Gentile Nations

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